Mourne Masonic Lodge No. 696 Annalong.

The Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of Mourne Masonic Lodge No. 696 welcome you to their website.


Lodge 696 is warranted on the roll of the Grand Lodge of Ireland in the Province of Down.


We hope you enjoy your visit here and look forward to you visiting us on a regular basis.



The accompanying Memorial for a Warrant.

The accompanying Memorial for a Warrant was laid before Lodge 144, Lodge No. 142, Lodge 377 at their stated communications held on 26th day of March 1945, 13th day of March 1945 and on the 17th day of April respectively.


When it was resolved that the same be recommended to the favourable consideration of Grand Lodge.

Annalong Fish Night.

The Lodges' October communication plays host to the annual "Annalong Fish Night".


This is a spectacular feast of seafood that is donated by the members of the Lodge. "Annalong Fish Night".


This event has become well renowned in the local Masonic calendar and is looked forward to with great anticipation by members and visitors alike.



In May 2006 the Lodge received “The Ireland Travelling Gavel No.7", one of twelve gavels originally presented into 7 countries by V. W. Bro. Richard (Rick) Howes of Lodge Wyong Tuggerah Lakes Lodge No. 247 in Australia. The Gavel was presented to Toukley Lodge No. 933 Toukley, NSW Australia on the 1st February 1995 and subsequently to Ireland in 1995 by W.Bro. Bill Orr of Toukley Lodge No.933.
These 12 Travelling Gavels were presented into the Lodges of the world to spread peace, goodwill and good fellowship to all Brethren. It is also to help to promote "VISITATION" of the Brethren, as they journey throughout their towns, states, provinces, countries and even other countries to pass on these Gavels to the next Lodge, therefore bringing our world of Lodges a bit closer together.
The Travelling Gavels were originally presented into 7 countries. These are England (2) Ireland (1) Malaysia (1) Canada (2) USA (1) New Zealand (1) Australia (4) . As of the 30/8/2011 they have been presented into more than 800 Lodges & Grand Lodges throughout 35 countries.
Each Lodge that receives one of these Travelling Gavels is asked to engrave onto one of the Gold Plates the Lodge No. and name of the Worshipful Master, Secretary or both and to fill in the little booklet, which is under a clear sliding cover at the base of the Gavel.
When a Gavel has been presented to 56 Lodges they are returned to Australia. Gavels returned so far include Victoria, (Australia) Gavel, Port MacQuarie (Australia), Ontario and Alberta (Canada), New Zealand and Western Australia.
Irish Lodges presented with the gavel include:
Scrabo Lodge No. 714 Newtownards; 24th February 1995
Temple of Ards Lodge No. 739 Newtownards:1996
Tyre Lodge No. 724 Newtonards: 1997
Friendship Lodge No. 447 Newtownards: 1998
Endeavour Lodge No. 829 Bangor: 1999
Lord Arthur Hill Lodge No. 147 Blaris: 2000
United Services Masonic Lodge No. 215 Gilltown: 2001
Killybegs Lodge No. 522 Donegal: 2002
Youghal Lodge No. 68 Cork: 2003
Skibereen Lodge No.15 Munster: 2004
The Premier Lodge of Connaught No. 14: 2005
Mourne Masonic Lodge Annalong No 696: 2006
Ensor Lodge No. 625 Loughgall: 2007
St. John’s Lodge No. 384 Dundalk: 2008
Old Stone Masonic Lodge of Antrim No. 56: 2009
Tartaraghan Masonic Lodge No. 789 Portadown: 2010
For further information on the Travelling Gavels click here.